The Real Meaning of Christmas

A few years ago we sang a choir song in church for Christmas that was seemingly about Easter. Several people made comments that it wasn't a Christmas song. But when I really got to thinking, it occurred to me then that the real meaning of Christmas is Easter. And since then I have been fond of saying, "The real meaning of Christmas is Easter, for He was born to die." Amazing, isn't it? Christ was born and lived so that He could die for us. We celebrate His birth every year because He is our Savior... without Easter, there is no need to celebrate Christmas for His birth would have been just like any other. But because of His death and resurrection, we have life, we have forgiveness, we have a Savior. And this is why we celebrate His birth... because of His death.

Today I read a blog post that spoke on this so much more eloquently that I can. It is one of my new favorite blogs to read called A Holy Experience. It is where I found the 1,000 Gifts. Check out what Ann Voskamp has to say about the real meaning of Christmas. Click here to read her blog. I know you will be blessed by it.


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