Jesse Tree- Days 22-23

Tonight we did days 22 & 23. We are almost the end of our journey in anticipation of Christ's birth. We are almost there! Tonight Caleb told Hayden about several of our ornaments and I was very happy to hear how much he has remembered.

Day 22- The angel visits Mary and Joseph

Key Passages- Luke 1:26-38, Matthew 1:20-25

Key Points- God is setting forth His Holy plan to redeem us. He sends the angel Gabriel to Mary to tell her that she has been chosen by God to be the one to carry His son. There is so much I could say about Mary- much I have already said in a previous post. But tonight, we see that this faithful woman of God willingly submits to God's will for her life.

And tonight we also see that the angel Gabriel also visit's Joseph in a dream. Joseph learns that his betrothed is pregnant and being an honorable, godly man makes plan to break the bethrothal quietly. I am sure he was hurting and there may have been part of him that want to do it loudly, vocally so as to humiliate the woman who was not faithful to him. But God sends Gabriel to tell Joseph of His plan and of Mary's purity. Another faithful servant, when Joseph awakes he goes and does what the angel told him to.

Symbol- Angel

Caleb colors the angel

The finished angel

Day 23- Journey to Bethlehem

Key Passage- Luke 2:1-6

Key Points- Joseph and Mary travel to Bethlehem to register for the census. When they arrive in Bethlehem there were no rooms available and so they find a place in a stable. And then the time came for Mary to give birth. Again we have the fulfillment of prophecy that the Messiah would come from Bethlehem (Micah 5).

Symbol- Donkey

Noah colors the donkey

Hayden helped color the donkey

Working on our Jesse Tree

The donkey ornament


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