Jesse Tree- Day 3

Tonight we did our Jesse Tree after we came home from church so this is a little late. Caleb listened very intently tonight, answered questions and asked a few of his own. Tonight we looked at the first sin. Daddy has lost his voice, so I did the teaching tonight.

Our passage was Genesis 3. But I started tonight with Genesis 2:15-17 where God takes care of Adam and Eve and gives them Eden and tells them not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Tonight's story was surprisingly easy for Caleb to understand. God told them not to do something, but they didn't listen and because they didn't listen they got in trouble. Caleb was very sad that Adam and Eve could no longer live in Eden and even more sad that they couldn't be with God anymore. I find myself learning from my 3 year old son tonight. Sin is serious and Caleb told me that God was sad that Adam and Eve didn't listen and that made Caleb sad. He realized how serious sin is. How many times do I glaze over my sin without feeling the remorse and brokenness it should cause me to feel? Our sin separates us from God. It is the reason Christ gave His life. There are consequences for it. And we should be broken over it.

Here is the glorious part of tonight's story, though. Even from the beginning God had a plan to redeem us, to save us. In Genesis 3:15 God promises the serpent that the offspring of the woman would crush his head. This is a prophecy of Jesus! Even from the beginning God planned to send us a Savior. What a glorious God we serve who loved us enough to redeem us even in the midst of our sin!

Key Verse: Genesis 3

Symbol: Apple

Mommy teaching on Genesis 3

Making our ornament

Our finished ornament

Caleb's turn to hang it on the tree!


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