Jesse Tree- Day 14

Tonight we looked at one of the five women named in the genealogy of Christ in Matthew 1- Rahab. In Joshua, before the Israelites march around Jericho, Joshua sends two spies into the city. The spies find refuge with a woman, a prostitute and a gentile, named Rahab who hides them in her house. It is clear from Rahab's testimony in Joshua 2 that she has heard about God and how He saved His people and she has put her faith in their God. Pretty amazing. Now only has she put her faith in Him, she believes in Him enough to hide the spies even if it means her life at the hands of the king. In return for her protection, the spies instruct Rahab to place a red rope in the window of her house and when they take control of Jericho everyone in the house will be spared.

There are so many things I could write about tonight, my mind is spinning. Rahab not only trusts in this God she barely knows, she is willing to put her life in His hand in complete faith. And because of this she is sewn into the fold of God's people and is a direct descendent of Jesus (Matthew 1)- the mother of Boaz, a great man of God who we meet in the book of Ruth. It is very unusual that women be named in geneaologies in the Bible. The Old Testament is full of geneaologies and very few, if any, include women. But the geneaology of the most important man ever born includes 5 women and one of them is Rahab- not only a woman, but also a gentile. Why? Becauses of her great faith in God? Because of her willingness to put herself on the line for Him? Becuase the fact that she is a gentile woman symbolizes Christ's ministry to all? Becuase she was protected by a red rope- and we are protected by the red blood of Christ? Yes! To all! I LOVE THE BIBLE!! God has so clrealy revealed Himself in His word- His unchanging character. I love seeing how the Old Testament and New Testament are so intertwined and woven together. I love seeing how God's plan has never changed. I love seeing Christ hundereds of years before His birth. So, so awesome. Just like the God who wrote it.

Key Verse: Joshua 2:1-15, Joshua 6:17 & 25, Matthew 1

Symbol: Red ribbon/rope

The boys point out Rahab's red rope in her window.


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