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Day 2- Rocky Mountain National Park

 If you missed the post about Day 1 with details about our flight, the RV and where we stayed in Estes Park, check it out HERE . Day 2 we got up early and headed to Rocky Mountain National Park . The park is piloting a new system of timed entry tickets to mitigate the crowding. Though it's a pilot program, I don't believe it's going to go away as the national parks are all seeing record crowds. There are two corridors in the park- Bear Lake and then the rest of the park. If you enter before 9 am or after 3 pm you can enter the main part of the park without a timed ticket. But to enter the Bear Lake area you must arrive before 5 am or after 6 pm if you do not have a ticket. We didn't realize that this system was in place until about a month before out trip, so when we went to get tickets, the only time frame was from 5-7 am. We got our tickets and planned to enter as close to 7 as possible! :)  We got to the park at about 6:55 am and entered the Bear Lake corridor with o

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