Christmas Cookies

This morning we made Christmas cookies. We actually made sugar cookies, rolled them out, used our one cookie cutter and then we decorated them after they baked. It was so much fun. I found these food coloring markers at Walmart and decided to try them. They were really neat, easy to use even for the boys and helped our cookies have more than just sprinkles on them. Now here are some pictures of our fun!

All dressed and ready to bake

Noah mixes the ingredients

Now Caleb is our mixer

Josiah has to get a turn!

Rolling out our dough

Cutting out our Christmas trees

Josiah supervises from his bumbo seat

Yay! Baking is fun!

Ready to decorate

Our finished cookies


loved the picture of the little hand pressing the cookie cutter!
Wanda Moffett said…
I love these pictures! What wonderful memories you are giving the boys!

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