Jesse Tree- Day 4

Tonight we looked at Noah and the flood in Genesis 7-9. This is a story our household knows well! But tonight, I want to focus on something I read recently regarding this passage. In the truth of the flood, we see God's character. We see His justice in His judgment of mankind's sin, His mercy and grace shown to Noah and his family, His covenant making in His promise to never again flood the earth and His trustworthiness in the keeping of His promise. And we also see God's redemptive plan in this story- mankind sins, the punishment for their sin is death, God sends a savior-like figure in the person of Noah to reach out to mankind in their sin and call for repentance, and God saves Noah and his family and through them carries out His plan to redeem mankind to Himself through the eventual offspring of Noah, Jesus Christ.

Pretty cool, huh? I love when I find precious lesson in the Word that I hadn't seen before! And I REALLY love that as we study the Old Testament with our Jesse Tree it is plainly clear that Jesus was not God's plan B. Christ was there at Creation, man's sin did not take our sovereign God by surprise, and we can clearly see in His character and in the prophecies about Christ that God from eternity past had a plan for our redemption.

Key Verse: Genesis 9:8-17

Symbol: Rainbow

Working on our ornament

Our finished ornament

Noah's turn to hang it on the Jesse Tree


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