Jesse Tree- Days 17-21

Whew! We have had a crazy few days around here. Between Christmas parties and such we have had several late nights. So, sorry for the delay- we've combined several nights together.

Day 17- David anointed as King

Key Passage: 1 Samuel 16, 2 Samuel 7

Key Point- God doesn't look at outward appearances, but judges the heart. And we also see God's covenant with David that the Messiah will come through Him. God's promise that David's throne will last forever is a direct prophecy of the Messiah- Christ was in the line of David and His kingdom is eternal!

Symbol- Crown

Day 18- Elijah and the prophets of Baal

Key Passage- 1 Kings 18

Key Points- Israel, God's covenant people, the people through whom He would send the Messiah and redeem the world, were worshipping idols. God used his prophet, Elijah, to bring the people back to Himself.

Symbol- Altar with fire

We did days 19-21 tonight. Since we had just driven up to see my family for Christmas, we included my nephew Hayden and each boy got to make an ornament. Here are some great pictures of the boys all listening to Jack teach the Word.

Day 19- Isaiah's prophecy of Christ

Key Passage- Isaiah 9:6-7

Key Point- Hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, God through the prophet Isaiah told His people about the Messiah. We learn here that the Messiah would be a child born of a virgin. He would be a King and a leader whose Kingdom will have no end. And His name shall be Wonder Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasing Father, Prince of Peace- He would be our counselor, He would be God, He would bring peace.

Symbol- the name of Jesus

Hayden coloring the name of Jesus

The finished product

Day 20- God's new covenant revealed by Jeremiah

Key Passage- Jeremiah 31:33

Key Points- In the Messiah, God will establish a new covenant with His people. He will write His law on their heart. At the Last Supper, Jesus shares that His blood will be the new covenant.

Symbol- Heart

Even though Noah's ornament required no coloring, he HAD to color because Hayden and Caleb were!

Noah's heart ornament

Day 21- John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus

Key Passage- Luke 1

Key Points- John the Baptist was the final prophet sent to prepare the people's hearts for the Messiah.

Symbol- Dove (which was present when John the Baptist baptized Jesus and also because John was filled with the Holy Spirit which is many times symbolized by a dove)

Caleb colors the dove

He colored it so well you can hardly see the dove!


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