Caleb's Christmas Program

This morning was Caleb's Christmas Program at school. He did a great job. All of the classes dressed as different animals in the nativity as they read together "Who's coming to our house?" all about the animals getting ready for the birth of Christ. Caleb's class was dressed as lambs and their line was: "Sweep the floor, said the lamb." Then they sang Jingle Bells, Happy Birthday Jesus and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. He was absolutely adorable.

This time the program was in the sanctuary so I could only get so close- we took a video with our new camera. The original copy is quite good- better than the one here. For the blog I had Jack zoom in closer so you could see him better since the picture is so small and he also had to make the file smaller to upload so it is a bit pixelated. But I hope you still enjoy watching him.

PS- If you subscribe via email, you have to go to the actual blog to view videos like this one and the one I put up last night.


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