Jesse Tree- Day 2

Today our journey on the Jesse Tree takes us to the beginning..... the beginning of everything. Our scripture tonight was Genesis 1-2. Jack read Genesis 1:1-2 and then paraphrased the rest of the passage for the boys. It was great tonight because Caleb has memorized Genesis 1:1 so he was very excited when we told him that was our verse tonight.

He is God our Creator, who made us in His own image, unique of all His creation. Even in the very beginning we see His great love for us in the way he made us different from all creation and the way He loved Adam enough to create a helper for him. And even in the beginning we see Jesus. He was there- the Trinity was there (1:26). As we anticipate the birth of Christ, we remember that He is God Incarnate- that God was born in that manger. And that God in Heaven loved us from the very beginning.

Key Verse- Genesis 1-2

Symbol- The earth

Jack sharing the Word with us

Noah and Caleb color the ornament

Our finished ornament

Noah hangs our ornament on the Jesse Tree


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