The place of seeing God

326. mountains overflowing with color

327. sun glistened spider web

328. birthday fun with sweet friends

329. kissing her cheeks

330. they way he is wrapped already

331. morning fog in the valleys between the peaks

332. reflections on the water

333. the way the college students love our kids

334. singing praises

335. sitting with him in church

336. watching caleb learn and grow in faith

337. after nap siah snuggles

338. noah's soft hands

339. these faces

340. three little monkeys wrestling on the bed

341. "tyder" "pweston" "steben"

342. girl talks

343. chocolates, a hairbrush and silly socks

344. brothers telling secrets

345. campfires

346. stargazing with my oldest son

347. he knows the stars by name

348. he knows my name

349. wedding rings where they belong again

350. little hands in mine


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