Mother-Son Date Night

A few weeks ago, our Chick-fil-a here in Rock Hill hosted a "Mother-Son Date Knight."

I took my two biggest boys on a date. It was wonderful. They got dressed up for me and opened all the doors. I really enjoyed sitting and talking with them. The Chick-fil-a was decorated and they seated you at a table and workers dressed like knights came and served us. On our table was a craft- designing a family crest. And a placemat with conversation starters. It was so fun asking the questions on the placemat and getting to hear their answers. And we even got free dessert at the end! Jack gave each boy some money and they paid for dinner. They were very serious about the whole thing as he told them that when a boy goes on a date with a girl, the boy pays. So cute.

It was a wonderful night. I love getting to watch these boys grow and getting to have real conversations with them as they do. I am really looking forward to many more date nights with the sweet men in my life.


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