Kids Say the Funniest Things

Caleb has a loose tooth- his first. And I had not told him about loosing teeth yet, so it freaked him out a little. I explained that when boys and girls are about 5 or 6 years old their baby teeth fall out to make room for big grown up teeth. Then I said, "Oh my goodness, you have a loose tooth! I am not sure I am ready for this!" (meaning he's just getting so big!) and Caleb replied, "Well, it's time, Mommy."

Josiah: Knock, knock
Jack: Who's there?
Josiah: Me!
Jack: Me who?
Josiah: ME!

Caleb: Mommy, want to hear a really funny joke?
Me: Sure!
Caleb: Why doesn't the nose want to go to the eye's school?
Me: Why?
Caleb: Because the eyes say, "Ha ha! You're a nose and you can't come to our school! We don't like you!"
 (It took me a while to realize this was his take on "Because the nose got picked on!")


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