Thanks for Praying

Thanks for praying for Josiah. He did great. The doctor said he had lots of fluid in both ears- and he's been on antibiotics for 6 days! So clearly, tubes were in order. The cyst in his mouth came out easily and he has 4 disolvable stitches under his tongue. They did not use any topical anesthetic in his mouth because it would have lasted a long time and numbed his entire tongue making it hard for him to eat. Makes sense- but when he woke up, he was pretty pitiful and in pain. Poor guy sucked his thumb for comfort, but that hurt so he'd cry, then he'd want to suck his thumb for comfort- it was a vicious cycle! The nurse gave him some tylenol and after about 20 minutes of fussing, the meds kicked in and he's been much more like himself. They had to insert a breathing tube since they were working in his mouth and he had an IV. He's hoarse from the breathing tube. They sent the cyst off for testing, but the doctor was pretty sure it is benign. He's sleeping soundly in his crib right now. He's smiled and cooed and eaten well since we've been home. PS- Janie, Josiah took your blanket you sent him into the OR with him as his comfort item!

Thanks so much for praying for him. It meant a lot to know our friends were lifting him up. I got a little emotional as I carried him back to the OR and held his hands and stroked his face while they put him to sleep. He's such a precious gift. I was grateful today to know that God has His hand all over Josiah and that I didn't need to worry. He loves Josiah even more than I do! Praise Him, from whom ALL blessings flow!

In recovery right after waking up- still fussy and waiting for the tylenol to kick in!


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