Caleb's Children's Choir Debut

So, a few weeks ago was Caleb's children's choir debut at church. The choir starts with 4 year olds, so when he turned 4 in February he got to go to choir. He has loved it. And for the performance, he even got a speaking part. His line was "My God is a strong tower." We practiced all week and he knew it front and back- he even made his arms like muscles when he said "strong!" Jack played the Kutless song "You are My Strong Tower" for him and he was so excited about it!!

Performance night..... well things did not go as planned! First, the choir sang 3 songs with motions. Caleb just stood there- he sang one word- the word "me" at the end of the first song. He just stood there looking cute while the rest of the choir around him moved and sang. And then when his time came to say his line, he just smiled. He didn't say it. When I asked him afterward why he did not say his line, he said "I was shy and a little nervous." So sweet.

He did better than his friend, Landon (the pastor's son) who when it was his turn to speak said, "I gotta go to the bathroom!" :) And as you will see in the video, Caleb keeps looking up at the microphone. Part of me wonders if he just couldn't figure out how to say his line into that microphone way above his head! Oh well! He sure was cute though!

So, here is the video from that night. I will warn you- only watch this if you think my kid is the cutest cause it is a 3 minute video of him standing there- and this is the edited version- the actual footage is 10 minutes of him standing there!


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