Baskets Full of Blessings and Resurrection Rolls

Thought you might like to see how our Baskets Full of Blessings and Resurrection Rolls went. It was wonderful to see and hear Caleb begin to understand sin and Christ's death and to rejoice with us that He is alive. He really seemed to understand a lot more than I thought he would at such a young age. I am grateful for these family traditions we have started that are planting the seeds of faith into our boys' hearts.

Painting our "sins" black. We even named some of our sins as we painted. 

Here's what Josiah did while we painted!

Our basket filled with sin. We talked about how it would be nice to have treats in our baskets, but that we just don't deserve treats because of the sin in our lives.

On Easter, we celebrated that Jesus took away our sins by dying on the cross and through His resurrection He gives us the blessing of new life. And guess what? In our baskets Jesus took away our sins and gave us blessings instead!

Making resurrection rolls- rolling the marshmallow ("Jesus") in butter

Coating the marshmallow with cinnamon and sugar. 

We sealed Jesus in the tombs and put them in the oven 

When they were finished we cut them open and the marshmallow was gone and the tomb empty! To which Caleb exclaimed, "Jesus melted!" :)


I love reading all of the things that you are doing to teach the boys about Christ. I copy many of your ideas:) Glad that you had such a great Easter...your guys looked so sweet! What an inspiration you are to me as a momma!!!

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