Ok, so I have been trying something new called Swagbucks. Here's how it works- you download their toolbar which is installed right under the address bar on your internet browser. Then you do all your internet browsing through their search engine- I search for everything, even if I already know the address, like Facebook, my blog, other blogs, basically any website I am going to. And I also use them to search for things that I need to find- instead of google. And I earn swagbucks by doing what I was already going to do on the internet. You then take your swagbucks and cash them in on items or even for paypal cash. I joined 2 weeks ago and I am just 7 swagbucks away from getting my second amazon gift card. It's super easy and free! Who doesn't like getting something for free? And for doing what you were already going to do anyway? If you are interested, click on the link below and join!


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