Our 2 year old

Two years ago tomorrow, January 17, Noah Jackson Blankenship was born. My how time has flown by. Our lives were forever changed for the better by the birth of this sweet boy. Noah is an absolute joy in our lives. He is funny and silly. He smiles all the time. Noah loves to cuddle and he likes to play with my hair and twirl it around his fingers. He adores his big brother and follows him everywhere and does whatever he does. In the past few weeks his vocabulary has exploded! He is talking up a storm in his sweet two year old way- short, choppy sentences- and it is adorable! The Bible tells us that children are a blessing from God- actually it says they are a reward from Him. I don't know what we did to deserve such a sweet reward, but we are forever grateful! Thank you, Lord, for our precious Noah! Happy Birthday monkey!

January 17, 2008- Noah Jackson Blankenship

Two years ago- look how much they both have changed!

 3 months old

5 months old

8 months old

1 year old

17 months old

18 months old

21 months old

23 months old

We made cupcakes for his birthday today! Yummy!

Trying to blow out his candle! Happy Birthday Noah Bear!


Pops and Gammie said…
Happy birthday, Noah! I enjoyed Noah's life "in review," Carrie. God has poured out so many of His rich blessings upon your family . . . and hey, I see a little bit of Jack in Noah's 23 month picture . . . sorry, Jack, but that's a first for me!

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