Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts that have been rolling around in my head.

I bought a new vacuum. But not a carpet vacuum. A hardwood floor vacuum. I posted on Facebook a month or so ago that I needed a new vacuum. Our house has hardwood floors/tile floors in the main living areas and carpeted bedrooms. My cousin recommended a hardwood vac. Jack was able to fix my old vacuum. A few years ago, my sister got me a swiffer vac. I liked it a lot. But lately it hadn't been working well and I wondered if I just needed a new one. I was looking into getting a new one and realized they cost $40. The vac my cousin recommended was $50 on Amazon. It is the Bissel PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum.
So I bought it. And..... I am in love. Seriously. In love with a vacuum. This thing gets up everything... everything the four small kids drop on the floor during dinner and track in from the backyard. We don't have pets, but we have four kids. Seriously. If you have kids or pets or both and hardwood floors you NEED this vacuum. This vacuum has gotten up fruit loops, still wet/sticky rice (seriously, rice after dinner last night!), sticky macaroni and cheese noodles, huge biscuit crumbs, tiny biscuit crumbs, dirt, leaves, dust. I even cut the boys' hair in the kitchen and it vacuumed up their soft, fine blonde locks with no problems. I haven't used a broom, dustpan or dust mop since I got this vacuum. It.is.awesome.

Caleb started swimming on a swim team this week. Right now they are not in the competition season, so he doesn't have meets yet- and that is just fine with me, I'm not sure I am ready for all of that anyway. They have an hour long practice twice a week to maintain their skills and build on them for the next competition season. I was very nervous. Caleb taught himself how to swim. And in the spring we took him for one round of swim lessons where he learned the basics of free-style and back-stroke. But that is all of his experience. Jack took him on Monday to his first practice and said he did great! They swam for the whole hour! They started off with 100 m warm ups!! When he texted me that, I was so nervous. Could Caleb swim that far free-style or back-stroke? But Jack said he did great! I am so proud of him. We go back this afternoon for today's practice and I am going this time. Gonna try to get some pictures of my big swimmer!

I haven't been sleeping well lately. It's very frustrating and I haven't been able to figure out why. Well, I just figured it out. Two weeks ago, Pepsi products were on big time sale. Now, I'm a coke girl all the way. But I couldn't pass up the great prices, so I got Pepsi instead of Coke. Jack and I really like Coke Zero, so I got Pepsi Max- Pepsi's version of Coke Zero. Today, I wondered if their might be more caffeine in Pepsi Max than Coke Zero so I looked on the can. Did you know Pepsi Max has more than two time the caffeine than Coke Zero? No wonder I'm not sleeping! No more Pepsi for me!

School is going well. I love our curriculum. Josiah has even joined in with Noah's lessons. It's hectic, but it's also good. Noah and Josiah start going to preschool two mornings a week next week. In some ways, I'm glad so I can really focus on Caleb, but I'll also miss them. I'll still be doing school with the whole crew three days a week. 

Eden is walking like crazy. She took her first steps back in July, but really hasn't done much more than a few steps when we encourage her. She's been crawling mostly, until this week. Now she is standing all on her own accord and walking across the room!

This summer we've purchased a CSA from a local farm, Bush-N-Vine. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. You by a share- small, medium or large- and throughout the season you get a basket full of whatever fruits and vegetable are ripe. We've had fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, okra, green beans, egg plant, peppers, sweet potatoes... it has been amazing! We've saved money versus buying produce at the grocery store and it is so much fresher! Plus we are supporting local agriculture! We've gone ahead and gotten a share for the fall! Can't wait to see what else we get! If you want to see if there is a farm in your area that sells shares through a CSA check out this website www.localharvest.org

And we are about to purchase half a cow from a local farm! Watson Farms has grass-fed beef with no hormones or antibiotics and they sell the meat many different ways, but one way is wholesale- where you buy the whole cow or half a cow. You get to choose the cuts, which is awesome, so you don't end up with cuts you don't eat. We are going in with my parents and another family here to split the meat three ways. Looking forward to some yummy beef this fall!  

Ok. I guess that is all the randomness for now. Hoping to have some swimming pictures to post soon!


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