11 Years Later

Saturday Jack and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. The picture above was taken 12 years ago somewhere out west, Texas, I think, when we were falling in love. I can honestly say that I have never been happier- 11 years and four kids later. We've had great times and good times and hard times in these past 11 years. I love this man more today than I ever have and I cannot imagine life without him.

Jack planned out a special day for our anniversary- all a surprise to me! He got me 11 roses for 11 years. We watched our wedding video with Caleb and Noah which was really fun. I found myself really moved watching us pray together at our wedding, so young and so wanting to honor Christ, as we sat together on the couch with two of our four children. So moved by the way God has blessed this marriage. So moved as I watched us pray exactly for that and sitting here knowing that is what has happened. So thankful.

Then he got a babysitter and took me out to a fancy dinner. We went to a new restaurant recommended by a friend called 131 Main in Charlotte. It was sooooooooo good. We seriously splurged, but it was worth it.

The restaurant was in an upscale shopping area and since it was Saturday night they had live music in a fountain area. We got starbucks and sat and listened to the band while we talked about the 11 questions Jack had prepared. We started at dinner and finished as we sat outside in the wonderful weather listening to live music. He had come up with 11 questions for us to talk about and I loved every minute. Here they are, in no particular order:
  • What is your favorite thing we ever did before having kids?
    • I had a hard time answering this one.... so many memories. But I think it was either the Bed and Breakfast we went to in Virginia for our 2nd anniversary or the cruise we went on.
  • What one item in our house symbolizes our marriage? Why?
    • I still have no idea! I am not an abstract thinker!
  • What is your best memory that involves us and the purple neon?
    • First, my neon was blue, not purple. Second, definitely our honeymoon trip. 
  • What can I do in the next three months to show you how much I love you?
    • I mean, seriously, how amazing is this man?!?!
  • Can I tell you five things I love about you?
    • For real, he is awesome. This question led to a long talk that I loved about what we love and appreciate about each other. We ended up talking about how much we've grown spiritually in the past 11 years. That was the other thing that I thought as I watched our wedding video, how much we've grown in our relationship with Christ since then, how much deeper that relationship is as well as our own. A great converstation.
  • What was the best thing about our apartment in Wake Forest?
    • Easy- Jason and Karen. Nothing like living with your best friends' front door 4 feet from your own!
  • What three words best describe our marriage?
    • I said fun, solid and fruitful. Jack said fun, happy and strong.
  • What is your favorite thing we've done since having kids?
    • Family Vacation. Every year since Caleb was born we've made it a priority to take a family vacation- even if it's just a long weekend- with just our little (now not so little) family. This year's vacation was one of the best. 
  • What two places that we have been since being married would you like to visit again?
    • Ethiopia and Haiti (and Peru)- but this time with our kids. I love going on mission with this man.
  • How is marriage different from the way you thought it would be 11 years ago?
    • Somethings are easier than I thought they'd be and some are harder. It has definitely shown me more about my own sinfulness than I thought it would. And I think it's probably been the greatest agent of my own sanctification. And I need Jack today much more than I ever thought I would. His strengths have become vital to overcome my weaknesses. I think the reverse is also true. We've grown that way.
  • What do you hope our next 11 years hold?
    • I said I hope in 11 years we are still living in Rock Hill and you still love your job. Then I said, "Hmmm in 11 years, Caleb will be 17, Noah will be 15, Josiah will be 14 and Eden will be 12." And that shocked us. And so I said that in 11 years I hope our children are in love with Jesus, that by the time they are adolescents they are solid in their faith. And that our children like each other. And finally, I hope that Winthrop has a football team. :)
It was a seriously wonderful night. I am overwhelmed by God's grace to us. So undeserved. I don't deserve such a godly husband and I know he is a gift. Thankful everyday, every single day. Especially as we celebrated 11 years together. 


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