Back to School 2012

Tomorrow we will begin our 2012 homeschool year. It's hard to believe it's already here! Caleb will be in 1st grade and we will be using a 2nd grade curriculum. Noah is in Pre-K and we will be using a Kindergarten curriculum. We decided to go ahead and start with Noah this year unofficially. There is no pressure and we'll get done what we get done. But he is very excited. He keeps saying, "I go to homeschool with Caleb." Noah and Josiah will both be going two mornings a week to a preschool at FBC Rock Hill starting in September.

Because I was going to be teaching both boys, I wanted Jack to build me a desk I could use for both of them. I found one that I really liked on Pinterest. It was just a picture, no description and no plans. But my super awesome husband built me the perfect desk! It is two desks with a bookshelf in-between. It holds all of our curriculum and school supplies and I can work with both boys easily at one time. And yet, they cannot see each other so hopefully that will help a little with distractions!

We have rearranged the playroom to make room for the desk and a reading corner. But there is still room to play and for all of our toys. We are so blessed that our house has this room we can use for school and play. Happy School year everyone! Tomorrow.... first day of school pictures will be coming!


Caleb's side of the desk

Noah's side of the desk

Reading Corner


Courtney said…
wow! love that desk!!!

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