Weekend in Virginia

Last weekend we went up to Virginia for a long weekend with Jack's family. Jack's sister, Bel, and her husband, Thomas, and their two kids were in town from Louisiana and we were not going to miss a chance to see them! We hadn't met Bel's kids and she hadn't met Josiah or Eden. Noah was a baby the last time we saw them, so we wanted to make sure to spend time with them while they were so close.

We had a wonderful weekend together. The kids played together really well. Well, the boys did- the girls are a little young for playing just yet. We went swimming, enjoyed the slip-n-slide, the boys went fishing and played some golf, too. The boys loved the pool! They loved going off of the diving board. Caleb did great jumping off without his life jacket and swimming to the ladder. He worked on perfecting his cannon ball. This kid really is like a fish! And Noah conquered his fears, too! He jumped off the diving board with his life jacket on, but he went under the water. He was so cute. He'd walk out to the end of the diving board, and stand there as he puffed out his cheeks to hold his breath and closed his eyes really tight, and then he jumped in.

And let me just tell you about the fishing. Jack's taken Caleb a few times and he has gotten really great at casting, but so far hasn't had much luck catching a fish. Until last weekend..... when that boys caught his first fish all by himself, he didn't mess around! He caught a 6 lb large mouth bass. The fish was huge!! And he reeled it in all by himself, with Paw-Paw right there to help hold the pole. I love the huge smile on his face in the pictures. Love. it.  And Noah didn't do too shabby either, catching his own large mouth bass with Daddy. What a fun weekend we had!


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