Family Pictures

Sunday during the soccer tournament we took family pictures and developed and framed them. Then on Monday we hand delivered the pictures to the families and got to visit in their homes. Quirio, where we are ministering, is really a community built into the side of the Andes mountains- on the desert side. So the mountain is not green- it is brown- dirt and rocks. Many of the houses we delivered to on Monday involved quite a bit of stair climbing and then after the stairs ran out, climbing up rocks. Awesome Gospel conversations occurred. People were prayed for. People who had never heard the Gospel got to hear for the first time that they are loved infinitely by a God simply because of who He is. Amazing. Here is a short video about the photo delivery and if you are interested in seeing more about what has happened, check out this website, too. :

Up High from imb connecting on Vimeo.


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