And the years go by...

Happy 1st Birthday, Eden! My what a year it has been. I cannot believe you are already a year old. And yet, it feels like you've always been in this family. I don't know all of your stats yet, since we haven't been to the doctor yet, but you are doing great!
  • You are growing fast and so is your hair!! And it is growing in so beautifully. Several people have asked me if I've cut your hair because it looks so nice. It is a beautiful honey color and it is getting pretty long and starting to get in your eyes. I still wish you'd keep a bow in for more than a few minutes! 
  • You are pulling up and cruising all around. I don't think it will be long before you are walking, but there is no hurry! Take your time sweet girl. 
  • You babble all the time. Daddy says once you start saying words, it's gonna be all over cause you've got a lot to say! You can say "Daddy" "Mama" "Bye-bye" and the other day just as clear as could be you were holding your baby doll and you said "Baby." 
  • You are drinking out of a sippy cup now all the time, no more bottle! You are doing great with milk and you love to feed yourself. So far I think your favorite meal might be Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets.
  • You LOVE the pool. You are a little fish. You laugh and splash and are always putting your face in the water. You think it is hilarious when Caleb goes under water and then comes back up. 
  • You think all of your brothers are so funny and they can all make you laugh. But I think Josiah makes you laugh the most. Daddy and I love to hear you giggle. 
  • Your brothers fight over who gets to sit by you or play with you. They really do adore you. Remember this when they are teenagers and seem to just tolerate you. Deep down inside those smelly boys, they really do think you are the greatest.
Eden, I love you so much. You are such a precious little girl. You are so happy and you fill my heart with joy. I hear from everyone that you and I will probably have conflicts in your teenage years, and I know that is probably true. But I want you to always know how incredibly blessed I feel that you are my daughter. I pray everyday that you will grow to know and love Jesus and that God would bless us with a precious relationship. Everyday of this year has been so very wonderful having a little girl in this family. Your daddy is absolutely in love with you. I have loved watching him with you.You melt him. And truthfully, you melt me, too. We love you, baby girl! No matter what, forever and ever. Happy 1st Birthday Sugar Monkey!!


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