A Warmish Day

I am so ready for spring.... so, so, so, so ready! I want to open the windows and let these boys run and play outside. I want to let the winter suffiness and germs out! Today was a warmsih day- in the 50's- and the rest of the weekend and the first of next week are supposed to be in the 60's. Yippee!!

There is a park just one mile from our house. All winter there have been crews working on it and just last week we noticed they were finished. So we took our warmish day to the new playground today. It really is a nice, nice playground. And there are sidewalks all the way from our house to the park, so maybe sometimes this spring we can walk there. We took our camera (and our new lens purchased with Christmas money!! Thanks Aunt Connie and Nana and PawPaw!!) and got some great shots of the boys. If we are friends on Facebook, there are even more pictures to be posted there!

Earlier this week I signed Caleb up for Soccer. He is very excited! It begins in March, but he is eager to practice his soccer skills already! He's been practicing in the house and  we've had to learn that soccer is an outdoor sport. So, today we took the soccer ball to the park!


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