In case you wonder....

Many have asked if we are sure the baby is a girl. The ultrasound tech was very positive. But just in case you need physical proof:

Here is Josiah at 21 weeks. Clearly there is something there.
 Here is Noah at 19 weeks. Even more clearly something there.

And here is Eden, today, at 19 weeks. Nothing there.

Feeling pretty confident she is a girl! (PS-We didn't get a print out of this shot for Caleb. I am sure when he is a teenager and finds out I did this to his siblings he will be SO thankful that I didn't!).


O'Dell Family said…
So excited for you! Little girls are so much fun! Love love love her name, so sweet! Can't wait to follow her story and yours. Hope all is well with all of you!
Pops and Gammie said…
Parents of a girl?! . . . boy, this is going to bring another whole dimension to the Blankenship household! I'm hoping that she is totally tomboy, with a big dose of girly-girl . . . what fun for you~

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