Celebrating Love

Happy Valentine's Day! We sure have had a fun day so far here. This morning the boys made me breakfast in bed. My dear friend Amy posted a link on Facebook last night to some very neat and easy heart shaped cinnamon rolls. Jack said the boys had fun making them for me and boy were they excited when they came into the bedroom this morning!! I loved their sweet faces. Then I surprised all of them with a fun lunch at the park. I picked Jack up from work and we picked the boys up from school and took them to the park for a picnic. We had heart-shaped sandwiches, heart-shaped cookies and semi-heart-shaped strawberries. Then the boys played on the playground. It was a very fun day.

And tonight, our dear friend Megan has offered to babysit for us! Jack and I are going on a for real date! Back in October our very dear friends Eric and Susie gave us some gift cards to the movies. However, right after that is when our lives got a bit crazy- job interviews, house shopping, resignations, packing, moving, getting settled, Christmas... well you get the picture! Now that life has slowed down to a nice normal we get to go to dinner and a movie for Valentine's Day. I am very excited to spend the evening with the greatest guy I know. He's my best friend, still, after 10 years. I am so grateful for the blessing of our marriage.

My sweet breakfast in bed!

A Heart-Shaped Lunch

I love my Valentine's. I am one blessed woman being loved by 4 wonderful men!!


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