Last week was Jack's second furlough week. Again, we decided to turn what could be a hard week into a happy one and we made it our family vacation. With our finances tight this year, we were not able to rent our condo in Panama City this year. Although we were sad about that and missed the beach, our friends allowed us to use their lake house for free so that we could still have a fun family vacation. We were so grateful and feel so blessed to know friends like them. We had a wonderful week!

Our week began, however, with a two hour trip to the emergency room as Noah fell into the coffee table and needed stitches. The ER doctor decided not to do stitches but instead to use "glue." That's why you will see a band-aid on his face. The glue was hard to protect on a 2 year old and actually didn't hold, so he'll probably have a scar, but it's healing up now! Other than that we had a great week! Tuesday we went to Seneca, SC to play Putt-Putt and have lunch at a BBQ place (Noah couldn't get his face wet so we did a trip away from the lake). We had a great time.

Wednesday we enjoyed the lake- we went on a boat ride and rode the jet ski, the boys played in the pool and they loved the playground with the tee-pees.

Thursday we decided to take a trip to Tallulah Falls and Toccoa Falls and we packed a picnic. We walked down 300 stairs to overlook the falls, and though Caleb wanted to walk down the 200 more stairs to the bottom of the gorge, Daddy wisely said we better head back up! Going up was much harder! I ended up carrying Josiah while Jack carried Noah. And then when we reached the top of the stairs Jack put Noah on his shoulders and pushed Josiah in the stroller up the pathway. Super Dad! The boys loved the tall waterfall at Toccoa Falls and they loved climbing all over the rocks. And we got some great pics!

It was a wonderful vacation filled with family time, laughter and love. There's nothing I love to do more than spend time with the men in my life. I am so blessed and everyday I am grateful of the privilege of being a wife and a mother. There's nothing else I want do to with my life.


Crazy Lady said…
Carrie, you guys ALWAYS turn what could be a real negative into a positive. I know I have said this before but it bears repeating time and time again, you and your family are such wonderful Christain people. Anyone who really knows you, knows that you two are real folks...real Christains, really in love with each Jesus, each other and your family. You both give endlessly to each others and your boys but also to your church family. I know we are so blessed to have you. I also know that I am so proud to have you in my life...believe me I know you have to love me to put up with my craziness (smile) Always be reminded that God is using you and your entire family to touch oh so many lives. This is just my little thank you for allowing yourself to be used. Lol, Lora

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