Stone Mountain

Sunday we went to Stone Mountain with our very good friends, the Moss family, for Garrett's birthday. We have been wanting to go back to Stone Mountain since our "staycation" last Spring when we went for the first time. We had a wonderful day Sunday. Caleb once again loved the ropes course! We enjoyed the fun barn, and dinner at Miss Katie's and of course we rode to the top of the mountain again-- and we got some amazingly great pictures. We ended the night with the laser show and fireworks. We have not been to fireworks since Caleb was 2 and Noah was 5 months old because Caleb was terrified. When the fireworks started at Stone Mountain, Caleb cried. But we quickly discovered that if we covered our ears fireworks weren't nearly as scary! We had a wonderful day. And best of all we got to spend it with great friends. We are so grateful for David, Sandy, Kaylan and Garrett. David is such a wonderful friend to Jack... I don't know what I would do without Sandy as my dearest friend.... and the boys absolutely ADORE Kaylan and Garrett. The day was great- great fun, great friends, and the boys even behaved greatly (and we didn't even get home until midnight!!). Here are some of our great pics from the day!

David took this picture of me and Jack trying to get a good pic of the 5 kids! 

See how good we did?!?! Silliness always works!

A great picture of the whole group!


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