Summer Activities

My friends Virginia and Rachel posted links on their blogs to this great summer activity calendar! It goes from June-August and has a fun activity each day. Mondays are cooking, Tuesdays are crafts, Wednesdays are science, Thursdays are games and Fridays are making a concoction of some kind. Our June has been crazy and next week I am tackling potty training with Noah, so I plan on starting in July with a fun activity each day. We've had a great time this summer meeting friends at the park, going to see the free movie at the theater and enjoying storytime at the library. But that still leaves hours each week for us to fill. I hope to use some of the things in this free calendar! I may not stick to it exactly and I may pull something from June and use it in July. I am excited to have some new fun activities to do and I thought you other mommies might like it too! Click here and scroll down to find the link to the calendar and then a link to the directions and supplies needed for each activity! Enjoy! And comment and let me know if you plan on using it too!


Me said…
Thanks for the awesome link to the summer calendar! Her blog looks like fun too!

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