9 Months Old

9 Months old? How is it possible Josiah is already 9 months old?

Josiah is such a sweet, sweet, easy going baby. He thinks Caleb is hilarious and laugh and laughs at his biggest brother. He is army crawling all around and still rolling all over, but he is very close to crawling. He's getting up on all fours and rocking and moving one hand and one knee. Before we know it we will have the baby gates over the stairs again.

Today was his 9 month well visit. He's looking great! Josiah is tall like his brothers at 28 3/4" (75th percentile), but he is nowhere near as big and chunky as they were. Josiah weighs 19 lbs 3 oz which is just in the 40th percentile! In contrast, at this same age Caleb was in the 75th percentile and Noah the 85th for weight. I guess Josiah will be our beanpole.

He is a joy to be around and everyone he meets is rewarded with a smile. He is consistently saying Da-Da (of course!). What blessing he is to this family! We love our Siah-Monkey!

Just for fun, here are all three monkeys at 9 months old!


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