Happy Father's Day

So this Father's Day was spent with a broken AC and a night in a hotel. But on the bright side, we enjoyed some wonderful family time and fun in the hotel pool. I love my husband and I love most watching him be a dad. He is so great at it. I am so grateful for the way he fathers our sons. I know they will grow into godly men and wonderful husbands and fathers because of the incredible influence he is. Jack, we love you more than words. Happy Father's Day.

Becoming a daddy for the first time!

A Daddy 2 times over

A Daddy 3 times over!

And on this Father's Day I am also very grateful for the two other dads in my life, my dad and my father-in-law. Thanks for loving me, Dad, and putting up with me in those pesky pre-teen years! Thanks to a dad like you I knew just what I wanted in a husband. I love you!

And Daddy B, thanks for accepting me and loving me. Thanks for raising the man who I love- you done well, sir! You have been there for us whenever we've needed you these past 10 years and we love you!

4 generations of Blankenship men!


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