Fun in the ATL

We love living near Atlanta. We can be downtown in about 20 minutes. So today when the boys were off the chain and full of energy, I decided we should pack a picnic and head downtown to Centennial Olympic Park. We had a great time! The boys played on the very neat playground, we had a picnic and then we decided to play in the Olypmic Ring Fountain (this was totally unplanned so we had no swim suits- Noah was stripped down to his diaper and Caleb took off his shirt and just got wet! Hey, what's childhood for anyway?). I forgot the camera, but took some pics with my phone. Enjoy!

Noah looking pretty cool on the playground

Caleb is having fun!

Mommy and Noah (I love this one!)

Siah loved the swings

Checking out the fountain

 Caleb squeals with delight!

Caleb LOVED the fountain!

Noah was only happy if Daddy held his hand

Daddy and two wet monkeys!


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