My Valentine

So, I am about 4 days late with this post, but since Valentine's Day is not something we usually focus on in our house, I guess it doesn't matter much. But in honor of Valentine's Day I wanted to write a post about my husband. I am one blessed woman, that is for sure. Jack fills my life with joy everyday. I couldn't have a better man for my husband.

He works hard for our family. Right now he is downstairs tearing our our old nasty carpet and laying new floors. He spent the weekend laying new floors in our bathrooms. And he does it happily- not begrudgingly. I love that about him- the manly things. The way he can fix things in our house or our cars or our yard. I never worry about that stuff cause I have a handy husband.

And he is a godly man. He challenges me all the time in my own walk. The highlight of my week is getting to hear him preach on Wednesday nights. I am so proud of him. God has given him quite a gift for preaching. And I love sitting under his teaching. And I love that he doesn't water it down just cause he's preaching to students. I love his passion for the truth and for the word and his deep desire to share God's truth with the students- all of it- not just the easy stuff or the funny stuff or the surface stuff- but the deep, hard, life-changing stuff. He's awesome.

And I love the kind of father he is. Watching him love our boys makes me love him all the more. He is an incredible father- involved, present, loving, and fun. I love, love, love that he is so hands on with our boys- he feeds them, changes their diapers, plays with them, reads with them, spends his off days investing in their lives and everynight it is Jack that give them their bath.

I love that he never makes me feel guilty when I've not managed to get housework done. I love that he helps with the housework. I love that he never makes me feel guilty for having a cleaning lady twice a month. He trys to hard to understand how hard some days are for me and he's always there to help.

And here's the best part... I really like him. Seriously. If he wasn't my husband, I'd still want to be his friend. I like hanging out with him. I like talking to him. He is a great friend. My best friend.

Happy Valentine's Day, baby. I love you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for loving me. Thank you, Lord for the gift of my husband. Please help me to be the godly wife he deserves, the kind of wife you have called me to be, the match to the godly husband you have given me.

10 years ago in June- the summer of 2000 when we met

Our first Christmas married- 2001

Fall 2003

Spring 2008


Summer 2008

Summer 2009
We don't have any more recent pictures and actually I think these are the only ones I have of us together from 2006 on. Why? Cause we had kids and stopped taking pictures of us!


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