Birthday Party Fun

A lot has been going on this week in the Blankenship household! First, last Saturday we had a birthday party for Caleb and Noah. Noah's birthday was January 17 and Caleb's is next week on February 17. This year we decided to have one party halfway in between the days. Because this has been a very cold and very wet winter here we didn't want to take the chance and do the party at a park as we have done the past 2 years. So we rented a party room at an indoor inflatable place here called Jump 4 Joey. It was PACKED out. I guess because of the whole cold, wet thing a lot of parents wanted to get their kids out of the house and in a place where they could jump off some energy. But even crowded the kids had a great time! And you know I have been on the quest to save money. This year, as always, I wrote a poem for the boys' invitation. Here was this year's poem:
Two little monkeys jumping on the floor
 One turning 2, the other turning 4!
We can’t believe how time has flown
and how our two little monkeys have grown!
These two little monkeys are the best of friends
Around our house the fun never ends!
Jumping, running, and laughing are great
So their birthdays together we’ll celebrate.
So, jump on in and join our zoo
as Caleb turns 4 and Noah turns 2!

So in an effort to continue saving money I decided to make the boys' cakes this year. We call the boys our "Monkeys"- it started when Caleb was a baby and a very chunky one at that and so we called him our Chunky Monkey. As he grew and thinned out, he just became our monkey. So, I decided to make a monkey cake. But I wanted each boy to have a cake with a candle to blow out so I decided to also make a banana cake to go with the monkey! Am I crazy or what? If you know me at all you know I am not Suzy-Q homemaker (although I am getting better and better at it!). I worked hard and I am pretty happy with how the cakes turned out. Maybe I'll have to try my hand a baking a bit more!

And now for the great news of the week- Josiah has been doing great with eating his babyfood! Whoo-hoo! And even better news, Noah has tee-teed on the potty two nights in a row! Way to go buddy!
Ok now here are pics from oru party day! Enjoy!

 The monkey cake
The banana cake

Hayden enjoys jumping

Caleb is having a blast!

Caleb coming down the biggest slide

Caleb's good buddy Landon takes his turn!

Crazy Noah

Noah wasn't so sure about the many, many people so Mommy had to help him!

Sitting on their throne in the party room

Cakes are ready to go

Caleb blows out his candle

I think Noah liked the cake!
What a fun day!! And next week, on his birthday, be looking for Caleb's life in review!


GiGi said…
Great job on the cakes, Suzy Homemaker!!!
The cakes look great and I love the poem you creative! Happy birthday to your boys:)

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