A Weekend with a Fancy Camera

So, a few weeks ago, our good friends loaned us their Digital SLR camera so we could try it out as we are thinking about getting one. After the weekend, we are DEFINITELY getting one. In fact, yesterday at Caleb's Fall Program I was sooooo wishing we had one. We have checked the Black Friday flyers and will be getting up a 4 am to get ours next week!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures with the nice camera:

One of Josiah's first smiles!

Noah's crazy bed head and big smile!

My sweet boy

Jack took this really cool shot of Caleb checking out the jellyfish at the Georgia Aquarium

Jack took this one too- I think it's really cool with Josiah's reflection in the mirror

I could just eat him up!

Halloween- Diego and the Monkey Bobo Brothers

More smiles!

I love the colors, how stylish they are and the expression on their faces in this picture!

Fun at the park on a sunny day!

And believe it or not, I could have put up about 10 more that I LOVE! I can't wait to get that camera!


Courtney said…
good to hear. we're considering getting one ourselves, so this is a boost in that direction.
Virginia said…
Oh yay! Doesn't it make such a huge difference?! I love your pics- I can't wait to see more from ya!

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