Lots to be Thankful For

We have had a wonderful Thanksgiving thus far. We enjoyed a wonderful meal with family, decorated for Christmas, went shopping at the crack of dawn and got our nice new camera and have just been together. Truly, for me, there is no greater gift. There really is nothing I want more than just to be together.... that's all. I don't really care what we eat, where we go, what we do, just as long as we are together. I guess that is why I most wanted a nice camera- to forever record in picture our times together. Time flies by and if we are not careful we'll miss the little moments that one day will be what we cherish most. These are the moments I want to capture. I'll post some pictures and video we've taken with the new camera soon!

12. christmas decorations
13. noah yelling "hey!" after jack yells, "war eagle!"
14. slobbery kisses from sweet messy faces
15. baby coos
16. "the evers"
17. singing my boys' songs for them at bedtime
18. my mom
19. a husband who gets up at 3:30 am to go shopping with me
20. boys and daddy wrestling
21. just being- no schedule, no plan, just being

holy experience


Pops said…
I'm lovin' your 1000 gifts list, Carrie. Thanks for sharing about the important things in life. My heart shares your tickles as I read your lists.

Much joy and love to you folks during this Christmas season~
Pops said…
PS . . . enjoy your camera! Bill gave me my camera for Christmas two years ago . . . what a great gift! I keep it with me all of the time. We have captured so many precious moments and expressions at family gatherings, as well as tremendous shots of God's great outdoors!

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