1,000 Gifts

6. a little pudgy hand inside my big one

7. hot tea

8. baby smiles

9. sandy, susie and elizabeth- three friends who i would not have survived last year without

10. jill- an old friend who i treasured in college and who i now treasure in cyperspace

11. t-mobile fav fives so i can call my sister as much as i want and i don't have to worry about the minutes

holy experience


Courtney said…
okay- i'm sold.
i'm gonna start doing this.
hopefully this afternoon
O'Dell Family said…
What a sweet post! Speaking of your sister - we did not actually get to meet! It was CRAZY at the party and keeping up with my 3 was a full time job, so I did not get to visit much. My sister sure does love her though and Zoie has it bad for little Hayden! Cute family! Happy Thanksgiving! Hope we can see y'all soon1
tears...thanks, Carrie for making me feel so loved;)

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