1,000 Gifts

I stumbled upon a blog today called A Holy Experience. As I looked around it, I happened upon something called 1,000 Gifts. Ann, the blogger, has been keeping a list of 1,000 gifts- not gifts she wants or gifts she is giving, but gifts she has been given.

This is the season of list making- grocery lists, shopping lists, gift-giving lists, wish lists, address lists, etc. This year, right now, I want to start my list of 1,000 Gifts- from the mundane and ordinary to the huge and impacting, I know that everyday God fills my life with gifts! And most days I miss them. Why? Maybe because I am too busy or too self-absorbed, or maybe it's because I am just not looking. So, starting today, I am looking. Join me if you want to. You can list your gifts on your blog, or if you don't blog just grab a sheet of paper or a journal. How will our lives be different if we are awakened to the awareness of His gifts?

holy experience

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Here we go!!

1. a baby sound asleep on my chest

2. a 3 year old who still asks for his mommy's kisses

3. music- it's such evidence of God! The melodies and harmonies that touch us, move us, bring us joy, and engage our worship.

4. a husband who holds me at night

5. when noah plays with my hair

The journey into a life of gratitude has begun!


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