How Is He 6 Already?

Today, my oldest turns 6. How can that be possible? I feel like he was just born. Six sounds so old! And he looks like such a boy now! I can't get over how quickly the time passes. This is why I must cherish and live fully in each and every moment.

Caleb, you are six years old today. I just can't believe how quickly you've grown. Your daddy and I are so very proud to be your parents. You are funny and fun to be around. You are so very smart. You are like a sponge absorbing everything you hear and see. I am so delighted to be your teacher and am daily amazed at all you are able to do already. You are a great reader and writer, but you are also really good at math. But by far your favorite thing to learn and talk about is animals. And you already know so much about them! I love the way you still say "aminals." It makes me feel like you aren't growing up too fast yet. And yet, you talk to me and Daddy like you are an adult. I love the deep conversations we've already had about Jesus, sin, heaven and the cross. Just the other day we were listening to a scripture memory song in the car that spoke about the fruit of the Spirit and you said, "Mommy, I need more self-control cause it's a fruit of the spirit. I let my anger control me and I need to get more self-control." I am so proud of the way you are growing into a boy who loves Jesus and His ways. You are a wonderful brother. Your little brothers want to be just like you and copy everything you do. I have loved watching a friendship blossom and grow between you and Noah. And you are wonderful with Eden. She adores you and you feel very much the same way about her.

Caleb, you are a passionate and strong willed boy. Your daddy and I are praying that God will use these wonderful traits for His glory. That your passion will be for God and that your strong-will will keep you grounded in the truth and convictions of the Word. We love you buddy. No matter what forever and ever. Happy 6th Birthday! 


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