Happy Birthday Josiah!

Happy Birthday sweet Josiah!! We cannot believe you are already two years old. You are such a joy. Daddy and I love to hear you talking up a storm lately. We love when you say "Aw man!" and when you run after your brothers saying, "Hey guys!" You smile all the time and are such a happy boy. We hope you always have such a joy for life. You make this family more fun and we are grateful everyday that God blessed us with you. You love to kiss Eden and she is a blessed girl to have you for a big brother. Caleb was so proud to be your brother today- he wanted to wear a shirt with balls on it because you like balls so much. And Noah loves to play with you and share a room with you. Today at your party you were simply adorable. You loved opening presents and about halfway through you threw up your hands and yelled, "Birthday!!" It was so precious. I wish we had it on video. Daddy and I pray for you all the time. We pray that God would draw you to himself and that you would be a man after His own heart. We pray your joy and zest for life would be a tool in God's hand for His glory. We love you so much, Siah. What an incredible two years it has been!


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