After all of the college students are gone for the summer, Jack's schedule really gets freed up. So we decided May would be a great time to take our family vacation this year. We found out about a condo in Myrtle Beach that offered a very deep discount to families in ministry! We got to stay for an entire week this year for the first time because of the great discount. We had never been to Myrtle Beach before. We were thankful to be able to go before the crowds. Although, we did find out after we got there that it was Bike Week... oh no! But our condo was just far enough from the main strip that we never even knew the bikers were there.

Our condo was two bedroom, two bath on a golf course. We were right by the pool and a lake. It was perfect. It was about a mile from the beach, but just a straight shot to free public parking right on the beach. We went to the beach every morning. The boys loved playing in the sand for hours. Josiah did not like the waves- at all! Even the little teeny waves that came up on the beach. But by the end of the week, Caleb and Noah were playing in the waves with Jack. After spending a few hours at the beach, we'd head back to the pool for about an hour, then to the condo for lunch and naps. After naps we usually went back to the pool until dinner. And after dinner we walked along the beach looking for shells. On Tuesday, it rained all afternoon, we we decided to take in the aquarium. The boys loved it.

Before we left for vacation, we were surprised and excited to discover our friends, the Chambers, were also going to be at Myrtle Beach the same week. So, of course we made plans to get together! On Wednesday, after naps, we met up for a game of putt-putt and dinner out. The kids played putt-putt at a neat course with a castle, dragon and volcano! And then we had dinner at a restaurant right on the beach. Thursday we enjoyed the beach all morning, but after lunch we headed to the Chamber's hotel which had seven pools and a lazy river. The kids loved it. The one bad part of our vacation happened as we left the hotel after swimming. My sweet husband forgot that we parked right by a pole in the parking garage... at least he forgot until we hit it with our side view mirror! Uh oh! Yep, knocked the whole mirror off. It hung on the van by the wires. But, we decided not to sweat the small stuff! It's just a mirror- not worth getting upset about. We were determined not to let it ruin vacation. And I believe God honored our decision as the repair (all new mirror!) ended up costing less than $150!

On Friday we so enjoyed our last day on the beach and in our condo pool. We had to be out of our condo by 10:00 Saturday morning, but the Chambers didn't have to be out of their hotel until late. So, we prolonged our vacation by heading to their hotel for a few hours before we left on Saturday. And by the way, we had to duct tape the mirror to the van for our drive home- can you say redneck?? :)

We had such a wonderful, relaxing vacation with lots of quality family time. My husband is my hero as these boys wanted him to play with them constantly- on the beach, in the pool, in the condo- it didn't matter- they just wanted daddy. And he happily obliged while I sat in my chair! What a blessing this condo was for us. We were so starved for family time, we love the beach and were able to do it thanks to some amazing people using their condo to minister to families in ministry.

Here are lots of pictures from our week!

Caleb posing with the moon

Typical Noah- (and Jack's favorite picture from the week!)

 This is what usually happens when we try to get a picture of all three!
 Caleb and Noah in the shark tank at the aquarium.

Checking out a horse-shoe crab at the aquarium

Check out Josiah- a wave came in!!!

Whew, it went back out. I'm Ok now.

Oh no! Another one!!

My favorite picture from the week!

The big kids playing putt-putt.

All of the kids

Noah flying a kite

The duct taped mirror!! It held all the way home!


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