Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year- as I do every year. Jack always apologizes because he says he doesn't do enough. When will this man ever learn that I love spending time with this family more than any gifts? Seriously, although I am not going to go as far as to say I don't enjoy a nice gift, I'd rather have a relaxing day with my boys than candy or flowers and I don't wear jewelry. A day together= perfection for me.

I was awakened to the pitter patter of feet racing down the hall to excitedly tell me they had made me breakfast in bed. But then Caleb decided it would be even better if we all ate breakfast in bed. So all five of us gathered in mine and Jack's bed for some homemade biscuits. LOVE! (Although we were still finding crumbs a week later!).

Then we dressed for church. I know a lot of families give their Moms a corsage to wear on Mother's Day. This year, I had the most beautiful corsage! Caleb and Noah each made me one the past Monday night at Chick-fil-a's Family Night and then Caleb made me one at school. I wore them proudly to church on Sunday.

After church, we went to a Japanese Steak House for lunch. When we got to the restaurant, Caleb wanted to hold the door for me, which of course meant Noah wanted to also! Caleb opened the door on the right and then Noah grabbed the door on the left. Unfortunately, he pulled the door right over the top of his big toe in his flip-flops! He started screaming and Jack and I first said, "Calm down. You're ok," but then we looked down at his foot. Lots of blood and he had clearly pulled up his toenail! Ouch! After a few minutes of comforting, he was ok and we went in and enjoyed lunch (Noah sat on my lap the whole time). He has since lost his entire toenail. Poor guy!

We went home and enjoyed naps. And after naps, we loaded up and went strawberry picking! Fun! The boys ate lots as they picked (and Mom and Dad may have eaten a few, too!). We had lots of fun!

There is nothing better to me than being a wife and a mother. I truly love it and am so grateful everyday that God has given me such blessings in my husband and boys (and our little girl on the way). It's not easy and yes there are hard days and sacrifices to be made, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. Just about everytime I go out to run errands I get a few sympathetic looks and hear at least one, "Oh my you have your hands full." And I sure the sight of me 8 months pregnant with a 5 year old, 3 year old and 1 year old is quite a sight. But whenever I see the looks and hear the comment I think to myself, "Don't feel sympathy towards me, feel joy! Yes, my hands are full- and so is my heart- full of blessings, full of joy, full of love!"


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