We have quite and extensive bedtime routine. We begin with baths and showers (Caleb and Noah now like to take showers!). Daddy is the bath man- since they were quite small he's been the one to give them their baths. Then the boys get in their pjs and we read our Bible story from The Jesus Storybook Bible. (On a side note, I seriously LOVE this Bible. Every story points us to Jesus. It is awesome.). Then we pray together as a family, each taking a turn praying aloud. We're trying to teach the boys about prayer. Usually Caleb prays for God to give him "No, no good dreams and no, no bad dreams. I don't like them." and then he thanks God for things in his life. And Noah usually just says "Thank you Jesus for...." and he lists off everyone he can think of! And he ends by shouting, "I love you God!" After our prayer time, Jack and I take turns tucking each boy into bed. Jack prays over them individually and I sing over them individually- they each have their own song. And finally, about 45 minutes after we started, the boys are all in bed. It is a long process, but a tradition I treasure (for a great read on traditions, check out Noel Piper's Treasuring God in Our Traditions). It is one I know is planting seeds in their hearts- foundations for faith. But is also a way invest in the lives of our boys each night and remind them how very much we love them.

The other night, I just had to take a few pictures of my sweet little blessings all dressed alike in their Lightning McQueen pjs. Enjoy!

With three (um, four) boys it is impossible to avoid Wrestlemania!



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