If you aren't already using swagbucks, you need to! Swagbucks is a search engine that rewards you for searching. As you search you earn "swagbucks" which you can redeem in the "swagstore." I joined on March 24 and I have redeemed my swagbucks for $75 in Amazon.com gift cards! Not bad, $75 just for searching the web. We were able to get a friend a baby gift, our niece a birthday gift and some new headphones for Jack's iPod without spending a dime! I plan to keep earning and use this money for Christmas gifts this year. As money issues force us to tighten up our spending, things like swagbucks help is still afford to do nice things for our friends and family and for ourselves too. Here's how it works- Join swagbucks. Download their toolbar- it installs on your browser so that swagbucks is your default search engine. Then start searching- I search even for sites that I already know the website (like facebook or this blog). It is completely random when you get swagbucks- you just search and earn. And once you have earned enough you can "buy" giftcards and items in the swagstore. That's it. Rewarded for doing what you were already doing! Click the photo below if you are interested in joining. It has really been a blessing of provision for our family!

Search & Win


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