Potty Training, Summer Fun and a 10 month old

Well, we've spent this week potty training Noah and I hope I am not jinxing it, but it appears he's got it! Yesterday was Day 3 of our potty training journey and he didn't have any accidents and even wore underwear to McDonalds for lunch and to church last night! So far today he's stayed in big boy underwear all day and we ventured to Target and Walmart looking for new shoes for Caleb and Noah stayed dry all morning- no accidents! Woo-hoo!! We've still got a few things to work on- like pooping on the potty and staying dry during nap- but it appears he's got the basics! Good-bye diapers!

We've been quite busy with that this week so we didn't start our summer calendar of fun activities. I hope to start a few next week. Jack has Monday and Tuesday off for the 4th holiday. We just booked a cabin in Elijay in the Coosawattee River Resort where we went last year for this same holiday. We are super excited to relax!

And now I thought I'd share a few cute pics from June. Most of these are ones my mom took while Jack and I were in Savannah for World Changers. They are too cute not to share! We sure are having a fun summer!

These next few are from some fun with our friends and their slip n slide!

And on Sunday Josiah turned 10 months old! I know, I can't believe it either. He's crawling everywhere. Up until this week he'd been army crawling and regular crawling intermittently, but just this week we've noticed he's mostly just crawling now. And he's climbing the stairs! Yep. So far we've just had the gate over the stairs going down, but yesterday he climbed up one step and then proceeded to almost fall off. So it's time for the gate over the stairs going up. He's also eating almost all table food now, no more baby food. He's loving it! Check out these sweet pics of my big 10 month old and his big boy food!
Yep, that's his dinner all in his hair!

Well, that was our June in pictures. Hope you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful holiday weekend with your families!


emily v. said…
love the tepee! how did you guys make that? Nash would LOVE it!

emily v.

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