Another Great Shopping Trip

Well, I got lots of feedback last week that you like to see my savings! Many of you have asked about my methods. I use sales and coupons to get the biggest bang for my buck. Jenny over at a blog called Southern Savers has done 3 tutorial videos about how this all works. If you are interested, click here. I use her blog each week to match my sales and coupons. It is a huge time saver and big help! I highly suggest watching her videos for more information and checking out her blog- she matches sales and coupons for several grocery stores here in the southeast.

Ok now for this week's amazing deal. Jack is out of town and we are expecting some snow/sleet tomorrow, so instead of going tomorrow morning while Caleb is at school (if he has school), I went tonight with all three boys!! I got lots of "my you have your hands full" (not my favorite comment to get from people, right Carrie R?) and "you are a brave woman!" But we made it without any incidents. It helps that Publix has a great space ship cart that keeps the boys confined, gives the boys free cookies and loads my groceries in my car for me! I love Publix! And I can save BIG time!

Total before sales and coupons: $174.55
Total Out of Pocket: $83.09!!!!
Total Savings: $91.46.... Woo-Hoo!

I only went to Publix this week cause I had all three boys.... hopefully a CVS trip will come later in the week. Pretty awesome savings, huh? :)


Michelle said…
Love it!! I'm a huge fan of coupons too!!

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