1,000 Gifts

Yesterday was a very busy day from start to finish and I didn't get to my 1,000 gifts. And you know what? It made a difference. I could tell my attitude wasn't right all day long. I stressed about little, unimportant things instead of looking for the blessings in them all. It's funny how just taking time to reflect on every good thing in our lives makes the hard things shrink in comparison. And trying to record 1,000 different gifts in my life has made me really stop and notice EVERYTHING, no matter how small. I mean, 1,000 is a big number, so if I am ever gonna get there, then I must acknowledge every gift, even the small ones. And doing just that changes my attitude, my thoughts, my mood.

81. a big helper
82. when siah's face lights in recognition when he sees me
83. daddy and caleb having boy time
84. racing my boys
85. swiffer wet jet
86. little baby clothes
87. great friends for dinner
88. steaks on the grill
89. consignment sales
90. giggles


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