The boys are playing flag football this year with the YMCA. They are having an absolute blast. Caleb and Noah are on the same team- the Buccaneers. Josiah is on a team with his friend John David and the coach is our friend as well. They're the Eagles.

The boys are getting a lot of good experience and really loving every moment. It's been a lot of fun watching football with them this year. They are finally understanding the game. Our Auburn Tigers didn't have the season we were hoping for, but it was still a lot of fun to watch with the boys. And our Carolina Panthers are 11-0, so that's been a ton of fun to watch! Clapping and cheering when we make good plays, asking Jack questions about the game, and then heading out to the backyard during halftime to play a little football themselves. Tackle, of course. I love being the mom of boys!


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