Choosing Right

Today is Valentine's Day. But my little people don't really know that. And the house is a wreck. And the laundry begs to be done. And company is coming soon. And it's BCM night. And wouldn't it be easy to just skip the whole Valentine's Day thing and just have a regular Thursday and get my list knocked out?

Maybe. Yes, yes I could do that. But what of the cost? The high price tag of time. Time. Because soon they will think Valentine's Day and decorating cookies with mom is lame. And soon after that their hearts will belong to another Valentine. And soon after that they'll be making cookies with their own little ones. Time is a high price to pay. And you can't get it back once it's gone. 

I only have now, today, to impact these lives I've been entrusted with. Today to show them how to live and how to love and Who is Love. So today, instead of  choosing good, I chose better, lasting, eternal. I took them to their little Valentine's parties, I went to a long lunch with my Valentine, I made a messy breakfast, we made cookies. And, I pray, I made an impact, set an example, invested in a marriage, in a child's heart, displayed Love.


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